Mission statement

The Southland Wind Ensemble was created in order to provide musicians and the audience with a high caliber of musicianship.


The purpose of the Southland Wind Ensemble is to:

1. Provide a high caliber of musicianship for the musicians through the performance of a wide range of wind music.

2. Involve a range of musicians, including high school, college, and freelance musicians, that want to explore the development of wind literature.

3. Focus on the performance and study of:

 A. Cornerstone pieces of wind literature

 B. Transcriptions of orchestral works

 C. Contemporary literature and works from living composers.

4. Provide an opening to work with the Southland Symphony Orchestra in performances of large works, as requested.

5. Establish a community presence through performance venues in Ontario and surrounding areas, and materialize relationships with local schools to strengthen music education.



Inclusivity Statement and Policies

In keeping with its mission, the Southland Wind Ensemble welcomes ALL people from the greater Ontario area and surrounding communities by playing and presenting the world’s greatest music by and for everyone: from preschool music education for the underserved to adult music education, from a holiday event for all to music presentations for seniors. This is brought to you through the performance of great music by artistically outstanding musicians from the community. The Southland Wind Ensemble is a unique artistic resource with a focus always on excellence. 

That excellence is always compatible with inclusiveness. 

In that regard, the Southland Wind Ensemble has the following policies: 

                1.  Discrimination by reason of race, sex, age, creed, disability, color, national origin, socioeconomic/citizenship status, or gender or sexual identification/orientation is unacceptable. 

                2.  Wherever and whenever possible and consistent with the ensemble’s artistic standards and needs, individuals belonging to historically marginalized groups, including BIPOC and the LGBTQIA+ community, friends and allies, will be encouraged to participate in SWE, whether as members, soloists, composers, Board members, volunteers or otherwise. The goal is to engage new and diverse audience members, musicians and volunteers, in a welcoming and comfortable context. 

                3.  Further activities by SWE leadership to support inclusiveness, in addition to those which have already been approved by the Board, are encouraged, will be supported, based on the availability of resources and subject to normal Board approval. 

                4.  In keeping with its mission, and enabled by its musicians and board, SWE will strive to continue its policy of presenting its performances without cost, welcoming the entire community to participate, and to continue to underwrite music education and community engagement programs.